My redbud looks like it's dying

Asked May 2, 2015, 6:32 PM EDT

Our redbud tree is several years old and has been growing and flourishing every year and getting its beautiful purple flowers. This year it has buds all over that look all dried up. I don't think they will develop into flowers. Does this mean the tree is dead? Should we wait and see if it comes back next year?

Harford County Maryland trees and shrubs redbud trees failure to flower

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Redbud trees have suffered in our area due to the extended and severe winter weather we experienced the past two years. You may want to give your tree the 'thumb nail' test. Simply scratch some of the bark from selected branches. If the tissue beneath the bark is green, it is still alive. If it is brown or white, it is dead and should be pruned out. If the majority of the tree is dead, it should be removed.