Dogwood trees

Asked May 2, 2015, 2:16 PM EDT

I am moving from Illinois and have a dogwood tree I would like to transplant. It is a Cherokee Brave (Cornus florida "Comco No. 1". I am planning to live in the Loveland area. Is the climate there one that the tree could survive in?
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Larimer County Colorado

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I have looked at all of our tree resources and Cornus florida is not on any of our recommended tree species. I looked further into the culture of the tree and it prefers moist, slightly acidic soils, which Colorado does not have. While the tree may be cold hardy enough, I fear that the dry climate and windy, cold, dry winters would lead to significant dieback and/or death. Plus, the stress the tree would experience from transplant may set it back even further.

That said, the choice would be yours. However, I have not seen this species planted in Colorado, nor does CSU have any specimens in the arboretum.