Pink Dogwood Tree

Asked May 1, 2015, 11:57 AM EDT

Hi! We planted a Pink Dogwood tree in our front yard three years ago (April 2012). It was a pretty small tree when first planted. The first year after planting, it blossomed with pink flowers on it (April 2013), but the next two years (April 2014 and 2015) it hasn't gotten any pink flowers only leaves. We had two really harsh winters (2013-14 and 2014-25) with heavy snow, ice, etc. and late frosts and snowstorms. Would this have affected the blooms? The tree seems to be doing well otherwise. I know it is a slow growing tree and susceptible to disease, so I am glad it seems to be doing well. I spray it for mildew, etc each year with an OTC natural spray. Could this have contributed to it not blooming? What would you suggest to help it to blossom next year?

Berks County Pennsylvania

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Without knowing the cultivar name of your dogwood and your location, I can't tell you if weather is a factor. Has your tree shown signs of fungal disease? If not I would skip the spray. Whatever else may be ailing a young tree, good, deep watering every few weeks to wet the soil down through the root zone will do the most to support it's general health. Take care that any mulch over the root zone is 2-3" or less, so that rain really does reach the roots. Beyond that, I would watch new growth carefully for any symptoms of other problems, and if anything is suspicious, take a sample to your county Extension Office.

Hi! Thank you. We live in Eastern Pennsylvania and the Pink Dogwood is a Cornus Florida Var. Rubra (not sure if that is the cultivator name). The tree is growing. I only sprayed it because it did look as if some of the leafs had some powdery mildew on them. The only mulch at the base of the tree is one of the rubber mulch rings. I have been watering it regularly during the past several seasons. Maybe I am not watering it well enough? Should I remove the rubber mulch ring? The other Pink and White Dogwoods in the area all seem to blossom. The two next door to us always blossom, of course, they are well established trees.

The rubber mulch ring could be an issue. Your goal is to deliver water (or admit rain water) to the entire root zone, down several inches. Frequent, light watering will not accomplish this, esp. if there is significant mulch or other barrier. A deep soaking every few weeks will be more beneficial to the tree.