What Going On with my Lavender???

Asked May 1, 2015, 11:34 AM EDT

Hi Everyone,

Anyone can tell me whats going on with my Lavender plant by looking at the picture? The new grow leaves at the top are turning grey. I have tried cutting it away and spray copper fungicide on it, but the problem still persist.

Outside United States lavender

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Dear gardener,

This website has some information that may help you, although I do not know the credibility of the writer. http://everything-lavender.com/problems-with-lavender-plant.html/

Hi Lynne Mary,

Thanks for the suggestion. I have come to the website you recomend before and have read it. However, still could't figure out what illness my lavender is having. By the way is this lavender of mine suffering from extensive heat, or is it a fungal disease?

Dear gardener,

I am not a plant pathologist, but I suspect this may be a grey mold or some other humidity-related disease. I suggest you try the control measures suggested in the following articles. (Note that chemical controls may be restricted to commercial growers.)