Norway Maple Tree Losing Bark

Asked May 1, 2015, 10:19 AM EDT

We have a Norway Maple that is losing its bark. It also has green moss growing on the trunk. The problem starts at the ground and works its way up. There are places where the bark is loose and could be easily pulled off. Other places, where the moss is thickest, the area under the bark sounds hollow when tapped. Is this tree a goner or is there something I can do to help it?

York County Pennsylvania

1 Response

You will need to scout out your tree to look for signs of borers under the bark. For example, the flat headed apple tree borer is known to attack Norway Maple. The borer larvae eat the green layer under the bark, and since that is the growing layer (cambium layer), the bark loosens and the tree is killed.

Your best procedure would be to pry off some of the loose bark, and look for insect damage such as holes in the trunk. Look at the bark to see if the cambium is gone. Then take your samples into your local Penn State Extension for analysis and treatment suggestions.