What would be a good crab apple tree to plant for cross pollination with a...

Asked April 28, 2015, 7:05 PM EDT

What would be a good crab apple tree to plant for cross pollination with a Honeycrisp Apple tree? The Honeycrisp blooms mid spring so I'm trying to find a matching bloom period. Thank you very much!!!

Hennepin County Minnesota apple tree cross pollination

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Thank you for the question. Each type of apple tree has a short bloom time in the spring in which the tree must be pollinated, usually by bees. This bloom time lasts about a week for each different type of apple tree. But not all apple trees bloom at the same time. Almost all apple trees bloom within a three to four week period in the spring. To have your tree pollinated you must have another type apple tree within 500 feet that blooms the same week(s) yours does. Apple trees have been divided into three bloom time frames - early season, mid season, and late season. Your honeycrisp blooms in mid season and must be pollinated by another mid season blooming apple tree. Actual dates of blossoming can vary each year by a few weeks, depending on weather conditions.

Crabapple trees generally have bloom times lasting longer than apple trees. Two crabapple varieties I found listed as mid season bloomers were Prairiefire growing to 20x20 feet and Coralburst growing to 12x15 feet. These were listed in this Colorado Extension Publication http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/garden/07424.html and are listed as hardy to zone 4.

Thank you for contacting Extension.