What could cause flowering trees (pear, plum, dogwood) to have sparse or no flowers this spring?

Asked April 27, 2015, 6:38 PM EDT

We live in Southampton, Pennsylvania, and just recently have a tree problem. What could cause flowering trees, such as Cleveland pear, flowering plum, and dogwood, to have sparse or no flowers this spring? We have three Cleveland pears, one purchased over two years ago and two in the last year and a half. Last spring we had the flowers, but only one had very few and they went directly into green leaves. Also, one of the flowering plum trees died and the other had very sparse flowers. Also, one dogwood half died no flowers and one did not die and has flowers. Two reputable landscapers suggested we get the soil tested. I understand there is a kit of some kind we can purchase and have it sent for testing. Can you advise and give me some suggestions?

Bucks County Pennsylvania

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To obtain a soil test kit, visit your local Penn State Extension. The kits sell for $9 and the results are worth the investment. You can also discuss your fruit tree problem with the local Master Gardeners at the extension office since you may have different problems with each species. To get an overview, I'm going to direct you to a Penn State fact sheet Why is There No Fruit on My Tree?