Growing back yard blueberries

Asked April 27, 2015, 10:48 AM EDT

Can I plant two blueberry bushes between a oak tree and a pecan tree that are 35 feet apart measuring east and west where they will catch the sun from the south for the better part of the day? Maybe planting the two bushes slightly in front or south of the two large trees and facing the south. I will trim the lower branches of the two large trees to insure the blueberries get enough sun if needed.

I will plant them in a raised bed using 2x12's (11 1/2") and 2x6's (5 1/2") = 16" (treated lumber) in height or depth, 6ft wide, 12 ft long, with two compatible blueberry bushes 6 ft apart in the raised bed.

I'll purchase the 1 part peat moss and 2 parts pine bark mulch in bulk where ever I can get it plus adding maybe 10% sandy loam soil, then till them together. Will this plan work for me?

I live in west Chambers County bordering Harris County one mile south of I-10.

I'm open for suggestions for which two bushes should be planted.

Chambers County Texas

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Yes as long as they get about 6 hours of sun. Less and production will be lowered. The plan for bed and soil is good. The only other thing is water quality. Blueberries don't like high pH, high sodium or high bicarbonates in the water. The state soil lab can do a water test for you to check and be sure. Their web site for forms and instructions is: