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Asked April 26, 2015, 10:50 PM EDT

I am an adult almost 40 and I started a master's program only to realize that it was nationally accredited. I am worried about finishing here because many places especially regionally accredited colleges will not hire someone without at least 18 regionally accredited graduate hours from what I have seen. The school I am currently at is Columbia Southern University which is very reasonable but only nationally accredited. Time is also important. The other two schools I am thinking about changing to are Western Governors University or Liberty University. I have searched many reviews and such but still do not have the information I need to make a decision. Both colleges are regionally accredited and both offer my program fully online but how creditable will the degree. Liberty is appealing because they are close by but it will take me much longer. Western governors is appealing because I can finish much faster. I guess I need someone that knows the college system and I may want to work at a college on day and let me know which one would be more creditable and such with real facts I can count on. Oh by the way my bachelor's degree is national accredited through Columbia Southern and these are the best options I found that will take my nationally accredited degree to allow me to pursue a regionally accredited M.B.A. The question should I stay at Columbia Southern or transfer to Liberty University or Western Governors University.

Avery County North Carolina

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