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Asked April 26, 2015, 5:25 PM EDT

Hello. I have a significant interest in horticulture as a full-time hobby and potentially down the road as a small business to occupy my time and to enjoy my retirement. I'm several years away from retirement at this point, so I'd like to get started now learning as much as I can about how to grow fruits and vegetables successfully in Texas. Although I'm certainly open to pursuing a degree, my thought is that this would be overkill. I am the type of person, however, that likes to be as informed as possible before starting a venture, and I would appreciate some seasoned advice on how best to proceed. I do have 5 years of produce industry experience, but my background is accounting and finance. So my understanding of the business is from that angle rather than from an operations perspective. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me to help me transition successfully into this interest of mine.

Collin County Texas

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The fastest way to get an introduction is watch videos on our YouTube Channel, read extension publications, then attend education programs that we offer here and other areas, including College Station. A degree is probably overkill if you just want to produce horticulture crops. We partner with the Noble Foundation ( which has a lot of good resources and team of consultants.

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