Network wiring blue ray player

Asked April 26, 2015, 2:00 PM EDT

I have a smart blue ray player on my main floor that I need to hook up with an Ethernet cable. Is there such a component/device that I can hook it into that would receive the wifi signal that is on another floor so I don't have to drill through my floor to fish the cable through?

Outside United States

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If the player is wifi enabled you can try. You might want to test the wifi signal in the room where you want to put the player - use your cell phone to see if it will pick up the wifi and then run a speedtest ( - you will probably want a download reading of at 15 to be able to stream videos w/o buffering. You can then decide if you need to get an extender or an updated router. If your player isn't wifi enabled you might consider purchasing if you don't want to drill holes in floor. Good luck.