native plants for shady wetlands

Asked April 26, 2015, 1:28 PM EDT

Hi, I have a flat area about 1/8 acre that is wet almost all the time because an acre or so drains into it. It's under a thick canopy of trees so it's basically full shade. I'd like to plant some native species that would thrive in that kind of environment. I live near Olney. Can you recommend some plants to start there that would spread over time and advise me where I might buy them? Thanks for any advice.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Consider blue sedge, Christmas fern, and golden groundsel. It may be helpful to view our website for recommended natives.
Also, view our publication on native plants for more suggestions.

You should contact native plant nurseries for the best selection on native plants. Also, Some of the larger nurseries may carry native plants and you can contact them. The Maryland Native Plant Society has a list of native plant nurseries on their website.