Vermicomposting pest

Asked April 23, 2015, 1:49 PM EDT

Last fall I started vermicomposting in a Worm Factory Composter with worms purchased from To date, the worms are flourshing, but there is a bumper crop of another organism, possibly springtails. Can you identify the organisms from the photos and tell me what to do about them? They don't seem to bother the worms, but I would like to eliminate them. I am considering abandoning the Worm Factory and using modified storage bins as suggested in HG 40. Can the worms be saved and a new vermicompost colony be started or do I need to start over? Any help you can provide is most appreciated. Thanks.

Howard County Maryland

2 Responses

We cannot say what your organism is, however we have sent your photos to someone else. What you can do is pick out all the worms and put them in a temporary home with some soil to keep them cool, damp and dark. Scrub out your container carefully and discard any of the contents other than the worms. Then restart your colony following the directions in the worm composting publication. vw