Garden Safety Regarding Pesticides

Asked April 22, 2015, 2:55 PM EDT

We have our home treated every three months for ants, etc. by a pest control service. This is usually done with a spray along the foundation of the house, spray on the deck posts and granules at their base. I would like to plant a garden in the yard near the house, but my wife is concerned that rain will wash pesticides from the treatments into the soil and contaminate the crops. How far away do I need to put the garden to prevent any risk? Thanks.

Tennessee gardening horticulture

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as long as you aren't down hill 10 feet would be plenty

Thanks. The blueberry bushes will be down a steep bank from the house. Is there a distance that would make downhill safe?

Those chemicals really won't move far nor are they likely to be taken up by the blueberry will be fine if they are 10-15 feet from the injection sites.