Wild Pink bluebonnets

Asked April 22, 2015, 1:29 AM EDT

How rare aré wild pink bluebonnets? I have a Ranch in the picachos mountáins in north eastern México. This year we had our best ever floweriing of bluebonnets. Last week by chance I stopped my ATV right next to a pink bluebonnet plant..., I did not know they existed. Can you tell me moré about pink bluebonnets

Outside United States

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Dear flower admirer,

I want to update my previous response since I didn't really answer your question. Natural bluebonnets are rarely found in pink. There are only a few isolated occurrences in Texas. However, plant breeders have been working on a pink variety through selection, so there may be more available through commercial sources. I always discourage people from picking wildflowers since the best place for the plants (and their genes) is right where they grow. &:-)

Your question sent me off on hunting expedition of sorts, and I came upon two stories about pink bluebonnets. The first is folklore:

This second article is more historical, and more scientific, but equally interesting: