Non -invasive butterfly bush ?

Asked April 21, 2015, 1:13 PM EDT

Hello - Are there other Buddleia that are reliably non-invasive, in addition to the Lo and Behold Blue Chip that is being marketed as sterile? I have seen Miss Ruby, Miss Molly and the Flutterby series listed as non invasive in some places, but wanted to check on that information. THanks for your help.

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Yes, there are reliably sterile butterfly bushes available on the market now. They tend to be smaller than the straight species and do set some seed, just a much smaller amount than the species.
We have not done our own research on this, so we recommend that you simply use a reliable nursery or website for information.
Here's a possible source:
Glad you are up on the invasives issue. Of course, they are still not a good host plant for butterfly caterpillars and ultimately we can't have butterflies without caterpillars!.