Racoon in Attic

Asked April 21, 2015, 10:46 AM EDT

Don’t know what to do? Raccoon broke into my crawl space attic a week ago today. (Tuesday, 4/14.) We confirmed Wednesday (4/15) that it was in there. Closed up one hole (allow only one way to exit) and set humane traps around the yard. The bait (marshmallows) were taken but nothing in traps. Thursday a “professional trapper” put a trap on the gable vent $700, (didn’t look in attic to confirm its presence) and left the trap. My husband has been sleeping in the bedroom just under the gable vent/ exit since Wednesday night. He has heard NO MOVEMENT AND nothing in trap. It’s now Tuesday 4/21. 1- Is it possible it broke in to die? 2- How do we find out if it’s in there? Trapper isn’t offering us any options.. (but is happy to take the rest of his money) 3- Should we have the space professionally cleaned? This area is above my daughter’s bedroom? I’m at such a loss… I’m happy we didn’t have to kill / and pluck babies .. I really am an animal lover, but love my kids more and felt as though time was of the essence.

Suffolk County New York

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You should contact your county extension office for more information. They may be able to refer you to your state Department of Natural Resources for the best way to proceed. http://ccesuffolk.org/