Vine Identification

Asked April 21, 2015, 8:32 AM EDT

We have constructed a wedding arbor using vines that crawl up the Tulip Poplars and were needing to know what they are so we could include them in the description. The wedding is Saturday so if you could get back to me by tomorrow (or today!) That would be great. Thank you so much. Chris Dugan

Carroll County Maryland

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This is one of the top ten worst non-native invasive plants in Maryland: Oriental bittersweet. We're glad to found a good use for it!
As you can see, it aggressively climbs trees and smothers the tree. Their sheer weight eventually pulls down the tree, also. They are a huge problem in our parks, wild areas, and home landscapes.

Please save the trees in the photos by killing the bittersweet. All of the vines in the photos should be cut off at ground level and the stubs painted immediately with a systemic herbicide--either glyphosate (in many products, including RoundUp) or triclopyr. In addition to the 1st cut, another cut at a higher level will make it easy to spot which vines have been cut back. All the higher vine growth on the tree does not have to be removed by hand. It will die immediately and eventually rot and fall out of the tree.