Asked April 20, 2015, 3:36 PM EDT

Weeping cherry tree planted in summer, 2013. Followed watering as directed religiously. It did not bloom last summer (2014) and isn't blooming now (all cherry trees are in full bloom). Is this normal for a young tree to take this long to bloom?

Franklin County Ohio

1 Response

There are several possibilities
why your tree is not blooming.

1 Excessive nitrogen which can be found in the soil or from over fertilization.

2. Pruning when the buds are set.

3. Over aggressive pruning. These trees usually do not require pruning.

4. A cold snap occurs after budding where the buds are killed which will result in no blooms.

5. Lack of compatible pollinator. Lack of birds and bees to pollinate.

With your tree not blooming for several years. It is more likely that your tree is exposed to an excessive amount of nitrogen.