Groundhog Invasion

Asked April 20, 2015, 12:03 PM EDT

My friend has probably two groundhogs that are causing problems for the second year. Using a live trap with veggies and fruits is being ignored. Spreading a coyote-fox urine deterrent is not working either. I have suggested using the commercially available sulfur smoke sticks, but she is concerned that the groundhogs will die in the dens and cause a stink. I don't think that they will die, just be driven away. What suggestions do you have? This situation is well within the city limits of Ann Arbor. So, even if they could be live-sighted, a firearm is not legal.

Thank you

Washtenaw County Michigan

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Ground hogs can be captured using traps with slices of apples and other veggies and fruits placing the trap near burrow entrance. Change the bait daily. The difficulty is that they are not supposed to be relocated. Check regulations on moving wildlife with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
Information on managing wildlife is found in a publication for Commercial Vertebrate Management though not all would pertain to homeowners: Another source of information is the University of Wisconsin Extension publication on wildlife damage: