I have had for years what look like wasps or bees that turn up the soil in my...

Asked April 19, 2015, 11:59 PM EDT

I have had for years what look like wasps or bees that turn up the soil in my rocks.. i wind up having lots of mounds of sand on top of the rocks. I see what appear to be wasps.. flying in the holes. The holes are small, however, and there seem to be alot of them. What are they and what do I do about them?


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You probably were dealing with ground nesting bees, yellow jacket hornets or wasps. The solitary ground bees are very gentle and usually don't do much stinging. But the hornets and wasps will defend their nests. The above link should be helpful for you. The key is to correctly identify the insect first, then learn about its beneficial roles in the environment, and finally weigh that info against the possible risks or negative impact they may pose to human activity in that area. (Doing nothing, or changing human activity patterns rather than controlling the insect pest is most often the best strategy).

Of course, if pest management and control measures are deemed necessary, looking for the pests early in the season and destroying the nests when small is the safest and easiest way to go. Good luck. As long as you follow the advice in the link above the impact on the honeybees and other pollinators will be minimal. I hope this helps you. Thank you for asking the eXtension site your question