foreign matter on apple trees

Asked April 19, 2015, 11:05 PM EDT

while I was pruning my apple trees this past week, I noticed some splotches of orange at the bends of the branches. It looks like it could be eggs of something. Any Ideas? Would a dormant spray help ? I've had them in the past, but am trying to take better care of them. I would like to harvest a good crop someday.

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If they are very tiny (approx 1 mm in diameter) they could be European red mite eggs. See the following link.

Another possibility is nectria canker:

I can't advise a course of action until we have a firm diagnosis.

If you can submit a picture, this will aid diagnosis

here are pictures of 3 of my 7 apple trees. Thanks for your time.

This is likely one of the orange lichens. I could be more precise with a higher resolution picture. I see other types of grey green lichens on your trees as well.

Here is one example. There are many types.

Lichens are not harmful to trees. They tend to be more common in shady growing conditions.
This could also be one of several fungi that grow more or less flat on bark and other surfaces. Again, not harmful to trees.

Here's a site with some examples.