I have a maple tree that is not budding on one half of the tree. The other...

Asked April 18, 2015, 2:17 PM EDT

I have a maple tree that is not budding on one half of the tree. The other half has a lot of new growth and all budded out. Any suggestions?

Carlton County Minnesota tree health

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It's hard to say what might be causing this die-back without more information.

How old is this tree?
What kind of maple is it?
How did it appear last year - did the affected side color up and lose leaves sooner than the healthy side?
Do you notice any signs of damage to the trunk (splitting, bark loss)?
The root flare (fungal growths, encircling roots)?
The limbs (peeling bark or insect activity)?
Has there been any construction work or heavy equipment passing over the root area (allow at least 5+ feet beyond the canopy diameter)?
Have you or any neighbors applied a strong weed killer such as glyphosphate or tryclopir (etc) near the tree?

Clearly there are many possibilities for the damage you are seeing. At the same time maple trees often have a hard time in the urban setting. Here is a link that may describe some of the symptoms you are seeing:

I realize this doesn't answer your question, but some more detailed information from you can help us narrow down the causes.