Which type of dwarf shrub grows best in my area (northern Carroll County)? I...

Asked April 18, 2015, 9:08 AM EDT

Which type of dwarf shrub grows best in my area (northern Carroll County)? I tried the Hoogendorn Holly last spring, but 3 of the 4 plants have died. Need a shrub that only gets about 2 feet in height for the front of my house (in front of a low porch). Would boxwood (possibly dwarf english boxwood) have better luck than holly types?

Carroll County Maryland

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I am assuming you are looking for a dwarf evergreen shrub.
Unfortunately, the question should probably be why the dwarf Japanese hollies died. These are relatively reliable shrubs and have few problems in our area other than harsh winter exposure (particularly a windy spot with lots of sun) or a poorly draining soil. I have also seen occasional problems from voles and nematodes for this shrub.

Hate to recommend something that will also perish if the conditions are not correct.
You will probably want to first check your soil with a good soil test - esp. the pH and then also see how well it drains or if there is too much moisture pooling in the area.
There are lots of great dwarf evergreens, esp. dwarf english boxwood, but these will perish just as quickly if the conditions are not suitable. Also, dwarf english boxwoods can be expensive.
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