Crop rotation - should a certain order be followed?

Asked April 17, 2015, 10:42 AM EDT

I read your article "Planning the Vegetable Garden" where crop rotation is discussed. Please verify that the order of groups in table 1 is the best rotation process to follow. For example, in a given area, this year I plant from group A. Next year the same area will be planted from group B, etc. Also, can I skip a group or two, and not mess up my soil?

Cocke County Tennessee

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The letters put th similar plants into families. Plants in the same family tend to get attecked by the same or similar insects or diseases..

You don't have to follow a straight ABCD planting. The idea is to rotate to a different family each year or when insects or diseases seem to be building up in that area. In a small garden this is not always easy but at least it may help some with root problems.