Kiwi Does Not Produce Fruit

Asked April 17, 2015, 8:31 AM EDT

My Kiwi Plant produces lots of flowers but does not produce fruit. It is 7 Years old & is Trellised facing due south & gets lots of sun. Some times it may produce a small amount of fruit but they drop off while very small. It gets fully composted organic matter & what I think is plenty of water, mostly rain water. It is suppose to be self pollinating.

Baltimore County Maryland

3 Responses
The kiwis that are supposed to be self pollinating are not really very good at producing fruit by themselves. You might want to plant a female kiwi. It can take nine years to get fruit. Flowers that are frosted will not produce fruit. Too much nitrogen fertilizer can reduce fruiting, as can insufficient light, improper pruning, winter damage, drought, too much water. vw

Does it matter what Female Kiwi plant that I plant ? I do not know the specific variety of sel polinating kiwi that I have

Since you do not know what you have, purchase a male and a female that are compatible and that should increase fruiting on your old kiwi. vw