Backyard chicken data

Asked April 16, 2015, 1:37 PM EDT

Hi, I live in Hancock, MI and the city is currently working on drafting an ordinance that would allow raising chickens within the city limits to put forward on a public hearing. I am having trouble finding anything about raising chickens that is actually data based. So, in lieu of data I am hoping to get expert opinions on potential concerns. The issues on noise and smell seem entirely preventable given proper maintenance, but can anybody tell me if pest and predator presence increases following the adoption of chicken ordinances? Since this is a town of less then 5,000 surrounded mainly by forest, there is a concern that chickens would dramatically increase predator traffic within the city limits.

Additionally, the city may take this time to redraft a general livestock ordinance. Is there any information available on the space requirements, noise levels, and manure production on common livestock?

Thanks in advance to any who help.

Houghton County Michigan

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I would suggest you start by reaching out to Kurt Schindler ( and Brad Neumann ( If that doesn't pan out, please let me know.