Control method/Automation for a Butterfly Garden

Asked April 16, 2015, 4:03 AM EDT

What automation techniques could I use for a butterlfy garden? What should be the methods of control for a butterfly garden? How do I create an environment for a butterfly garden through automation, if I were to build a huge butterfly garden, specifically aimed for the attraction of tourists?

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Dear gardener,

Without knowing where you are located we can offer very limited information. Butterflies require plants that support larvae, as well as those that produce nectar. Wildflower gardens in North America are often planted for various pollinators and butterflies. However, they entail a significant amount of preparation to control grasses and weeds both at installation as well as once the desired plants get started.

Use of chemical controls is generally avoided due to the threat to wildlife. Mechanized control may clear and seed the area. But there will be a significant amount of labour required to keep out unwanted plants for the first 2 or 3 years.

An alternative approach is to plant smaller areas that can be manageable. You may want to install some plants from pots, and seed between them. In any case, you will need to research the types of butterflies in your area, and what plants they thrive on. This will probably involve native trees and shrubs as well as flowers.

Hi Lynne,

Thank you for your quick reply. I am located in the Middle East, in Riyadh. I wanted to know the things in the butterfly garden that could be automated, for example the sprinklers. So I would like to know what other things like that could also be automated, to minimize human intervention as it is gonna be a huge garden which would serve as a tourist spot. If I can have any detailed information about the same, it will be greatly appreciated.


It appears you need the answers to more nuts and bolts questions - such as the use of sprinklers, how to rear the insects, plant material needed I did a search under using the search terms - tourism butterfly gardens and there are several articles. You might also try to find organizations that support butterfly garden