What material will you choose for a sun room

Asked April 15, 2015, 11:24 PM EDT

recently we have a client who need a sun room , but he is not sure what kinds of material he should use . the polycarbonate panel , PVC , acrylic , metal . who knows about this ?

Outside United States

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All of those materials offer low maintenance properties. Metal may be considered a greener material since it is recyclable or may include recycled content. Still, a key factor is strength, which can't be determined by type of outer material alone. It's good to ask about how it was engineered and tested to verify it's load capacity in relation to the wind design speed for your location and the live and dead loads it should meet. Other important considerations are how it is attached to the home, roofing connection and foundation. A structural home inspector, engineering consultant or building official's expertise may be helpful.