Velpar-L applicator

Asked April 15, 2015, 7:04 PM EDT

I can find velpar-l, however have been unable to find a spot gun. Years ago the gun that was (if I remember) between 2 and 5 cc. I need a gun as I now have more land with mesquite. I remember getting excellent control with the handgun. I would very much a source for the spotgun. Oblige, Jim Compton
Originally, when I used this product, years age, the applicator syringe, with an approx. 3 foot line that securely attached to the 2.5 gal jug came with the products. No dealers seem to have any recollection of this device.

Navarro County Texas

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It mentions you are in Navarro county, I called Williams Gin in Frost and they did not have any at the time, but could get. Helena chemical in Bardwell did have some, you may touch base with Crop Protection systems out of Hillsboro? Most of your applicator guns should/may be universal in their product use? If you cant locate anything contact me at my office 972-825-5175 or contact Page Bishop at the Navarro county office.903-654-3075. He is the ag agent there. Hope this helps, Mark Arnold CEA-Ag ellis County.