Improving garden soil by worm composting

Asked April 15, 2015, 8:08 AM EDT

Our garden soil is sandy loam and does not hold moister well. We are thinking of shredding the winter garden and disc then adding compost worms and letting the garden rest for a season. Would this improve our soil? Also to keep grass seeds from sprouting we plan to cover with cardboard. Do you know how many worms we would need per square yard?

Lavaca County Texas

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Thanks for the question. First of all, depending on what is being grown and the weather conditions sandy loam soil that does not hold a lot of moisture can be a positive. this year, in my personal garden at home, i am glad that i have a well drained sandy loam soil or most of my plants would have already had trouble with the 11 inches of rain i had in March and now over 3 inches in April. Having said that, adding organic matter such as composting old crops can be beneficial. Adding purchased mulch, such as mushroom mulch or cotton bur mulch, to mention a few, can also help. remember that the higher the organic matter, usually the lower the ph of the soil. If the soil is already somewhat acid, consider adding lime in addition to the organic matter. I worry that the cardboard will not last very long as a weed inhibitor but will work as long as it holds together. As far as the earthworms go i found a pretty good article at that may be of interest to you. Please give me a call at 361-798-2221 with other questions. Hope this helps.