small lots

Asked April 15, 2015, 7:36 AM EDT

We have many small lots in our township. It makes it hard for people to build within our setbacks. As an example many lots in one subdivision have 115 X 40 lots. As the Zoning Administrator I believe this lot is buildable. After taking into account our setbacks there is a 20 X 25 buildable envelope. I have several floor plans of 2 story residences, 20 X 25, as our zoning requires 720 square feet (minimum). Am I right in regarding this property as buildable (non-conforming)?

Clare County Michigan

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Based on your information provided the buildable envelope is large enough to construct a structure that would be in compliance with your ordinance. You may wish to initiate a discussion with the community regarding the size of the setbacks and see if they are appropriate to the zoning district.

I'm sorry Glenn, I failed to mention this is waterfront. The setbacks are 50 feet from the lake and 25 feet from the road right of way.

you should be fine with that and still create a suitable building site. If there are height restrictions for view sheds you might run into problems but 50' is a good lake buffer.