I teach 4/5 gifted at Hubbard Mastery School in the Short North Area of...

Asked April 14, 2015, 2:41 PM EDT

I teach 4/5 gifted at Hubbard Mastery School in the Short North Area of Columbus. I would like to hatch ducks in my classroom, I need to be connected with a resource that can help me. I was told by another teacher that Osu would bring out the incubator and eggs and then pick up the ducks after they hatched??

Franklin County Ohio

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Thank you for your Ask an Expert question. Our 4-H program offers a program called Chickquest. Teachers are able to borrow an incubator from us but the information we provide is for hatching chicks rather than ducklings. I suppose you could use the incubator to hatch ducks but we don't have curriculum for hatching ducks like we do for chicks. Fertilized eggs can be purchased and shipped to you from hatcheries. If you are interested in the Chickquest program and more information, you can contact 4-H Educator, Sue Hogan, at hogan.239@osu.edu. She coordinates the program here in Franklin County. You may be interested in the free teacher trainings that she offers that include free incubators and lots of curriculum and supplies. I believe there is another one scheduled for October.

The OSU Poultry Center may possibly be able to help you with ducks but I don't know for sure. Their website and contact information can be found here: http://ansci.osu.edu/about-us/facilities/animal-units/poultry-center