I cannot identify this plant! It's a tropical fern of some sort but I don't...

Asked April 14, 2015, 12:23 PM EDT

I cannot identify this plant! It's a tropical fern of some sort but I don't know the species so I can't care for it as specifically as I'd like to. Hopefully someone can tell me a little more about it =] thank you!

Washington County Oregon

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Oregon State University Extension has suggestions on how to care for your indoor fern.


Having said that, I am not convinced the plant you have is a fern. Plant identification, seemingly easy for local, native, common plants, can be tricky for unusual, non-local plants. In an attempt to identify your plant, I used a search engine to locate web sites that categorize ferns. One site, sponsored by the University of Wisconsin, offered these characteristics: plant stature, leaf arrangement, spore location, and leaf shape. The link is shared only to show a process by which you may identify your plant. (There is no intent to suggest the plant is a Wisconsin native.)


If you could apply the Wisconsin process to ferns from a larger universe including tropical, you may have success in identifying it.

Why am Inot convinced your plant is a fern. Upon seeing your photo, an asparagus fern immediately came to mind. An asparagus fern has fern-like foliage but is really an asparagus. There are numerous asparagus fern setaceus. Again you are encouraged to use your search engine to look at sites which pictureasparagus setaceus. With the plant sitting next to you, you may readily identify a match.

Good luck.