Local Meat Processors

Asked April 14, 2015, 10:35 AM EDT

I have looked on your site, and even found a link that stated: "Find local meat processors, but did not find any usable information there. I am just starting to raise White Newzealand rabbits for meat sales and need information on next step. I live in Central Kentucky.

Menifee County Kentucky

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Could you be more specific about what information you are wanting. Are you looking for information on production of rabbits or information on selling product to a processor or locating a processor.

Looking for information on someone that would buy my rabbits to process themselves and then they market that meat. I would rather do it myself, but seems that you have to be usda inspected/certified to do that??? Thanks for any information you could give/direct me to about both. I'm in central Kentucky. I have good New Zealand stock and lots of barn area.

Please e-mail me directly at west.222@osu.edu and I will gather some resources to help you research your options.