hatching butterflies

Asked April 13, 2015, 12:33 PM EDT

My library is planning to raise caterpillars in a fight cage and I wonder about the timing. It comes with a coupon for larvae of the Painted Lady butterfly. Any idea on when they would normally hatch? I want them to be able to find food once released.--J. Dorfman

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Our search for this butterfly suggested these ladies find multiple flowers delicious for nectaring, with a preference for purple flowers and clustered blooms. They also nectar on fruit. They are one of the most common and widespread butterflies.
You don't say when you expect the timing of release to be, but you should be fine if it is after our local frost dates, which are generally around Mother's Day.
If you still have concerns, we'd suggest contacting the complany from which the larvae are to be shipped. They should be sensitive to this issue.