formula for estimating horse body weight

Asked April 13, 2015, 11:37 AM EDT

I have found 2 formulas for estimating horse body weight. Which one should I teach 4-Her?

heart girth x heart girth x length divided by 330= est. weight

Heart girth x heart girth x length divided by 330 + 50= est. weigh

examples of 3 horses estimated and then weighted match the +50 better. In fact that was usually still an 50 lb under calculation.

Calloway County Kentucky horses 4-h weight

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The most recommended way to estimate the weight of a horse is by using the first formula:
Weight (lbs) = [(heart girth) x (heart girth) x (body length)] / 330
This is not a perfect equation, and you may be wrong (plus or minus) 50 lbs.
You can try that calculation and compare it to a weight tape and see what you got!
Good luck!