I have a large faux cherry tree full size planted for onientation about 14...

Asked April 12, 2015, 5:38 PM EDT

I have a large faux cherry tree full size planted for onientation about 14 years ago on the East side of our home in Middletown, MD. Today it is about 20-25 feet tall and has a truck about 12 inches in diameter. Starting about four years ago, each year, after the tree leafs out with green leaves in the spring, certain leaves on the tree in a random pattern turn yellow then fall dead from the tree, Our shrub/tree sprayer Hav-a-lawn says that the cause is a bacterial infection in the roots. Is there a cure for this with out costing a million dollars or needing costly professional help and extensive effort? Or do I have to cut the tree down? If I have to cut it down , would you suggest a replacement? (If you wish you may see this tree,

Frederick County Maryland

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We suspect your cherry tree has been subject to a fungal disease called cherry leaf spot. This has been common this past season or two, especially due to the abundant moisture we received, but any wet overcast conditions encourage it.

The fungus overwinters on fallen leaves, and good control can be achieved by raking and removing all cherry leaves from the planting area. No chemical control is recommended usually.

When a tree suffers major leaf loss year after year, it can weaken a tree. In that case, you can apply a fungicide such as Daconil or one containing copper AFTER flowering. Never apply a fungicide during flowering because it will harm the pollinating insects drawn to the flowers. .