I have a fairly new lawn that I planted last year during the fall with grass...

Asked April 12, 2015, 3:24 PM EDT

I have a fairly new lawn that I planted last year during the fall with grass seed. The grass that grew is covering about 70% of my lawn (with the rest of 30% being bare dirt areas). The soil is also compacted. It's spring now and I need aerate, reseed/overseed, and I would really like to fertilize it as while. I'm wondering should I aerate and fertilize wait and then plant new grass seed or should aerate and plant grass seed then wait to fertilize? The fertilizer I purchased is a just and organic nitrogen fertilizer (milogranite). I might be over thinking this all, but I hope you would be able to provide some guidance as to order of tasks and wait time in between performing task. Thank you. Travis Cambronne

Dakota County Minnesota lawns and turf

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Hi Travis,
The most recent recommendations about fertilizing and aeration say that you should wait until mid summer to late fall. If this is a brand new lawn, aeration will kill much of the new grass because the roots have not had a chance to grow deeply enough. You can plant new seed now in the bare areas, disturbing the soil enough to allow the new seed to fall into place. Add some of the nitrogen fertilizer to these areas, but - unless you did not add fertilizer last fall - wait to hit the rest of the lawn until late summer. Nitrogen stimulates green growth. You want this grass to develop strong, deep roots before expending lots of energy growing the leaves. Here is a link that will give you lots of information about lawn care:

I hope this is helpful, Please contact AaE again if you have further questions.