Fertilizer and drainage

Asked April 12, 2015, 10:07 AM EDT

My report says to apply fertilizer before planting, then 3 weeks after plants emerge. I plant with seedlings so how soon after the first application of fertilizer can I plant my seedlings and how soon after I plant the seedlings should I wait for the second application? Also can you tell me the proper rate of slope for good drainage for a vegetable garden?

Ingham County Michigan fruits and vegetables soil and fertility issues

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Assuming you are referring to your soil test report, I would do just as it says. Fertilize now, mix it in well and plant when your frost date allows. Three weeks after the seedlings are set, you can fertilize again as your report tells you, in the amounts they have advised.

Slope isn't necessary for good drainage, healthy non compacted loamy soil is. Your report should have advised as to how much organic matter is currently present in your soil, and whether or not you should add more, such as compost. This allows for better water holding capacity, as well as good drainage and air circulation.

If there is any doubt or confusion as to interpreting results, go to the following link and click on Understand Your Soil Test Results: http://msusoiltest.com/

Good luck!