What type of tree?

Asked April 11, 2015, 5:37 PM EDT

Hi, What type of tree is this? Thank you!

Orange County North Carolina

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This looks like a Callery pear, more commonly known as a Bradford Pear. It just bloomed with white flowers, right?

Bradford pear trees were introduced into this country because they were supposed to be sterile--they were known to be highly invasive. Unfortunately, they have escaped into the wild and there are millions (if not billions) of these trees on the East Coast of the U.S. now, invading wild and natural areas, especially parkland, displacing the native trees that our wildlife needs.

We do not recommend plant these anymore. Bradfords have several problems in addition to being invasive--their branching is weak and tends to break off in storms just about the time the trees get big and beautiful. They can also be quite smelly. The wild ones can have huge thorns.
So, we recommend replacing them with another species of tree, preferably a native tree to make up for the ones that they prevent.