growing tilia cordata from seed

Asked April 11, 2015, 5:02 PM EDT

i collected some seed last october from the community park, pendelton; stratified them over the winter, in the refer: put them in planter trays,a month ago, mulched over with leaf and grass and now have germination. any special care? full sun, partial shade, full shade? how long to take root? when to transplant from seed tray to container? thank you.

Umatilla County Oregon

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Little-leaf linden is a pretty hardy and vigorous species; it should survive well. It will tolerate shade, but partial shade should work ok. Given that the shoots will be tender, you shouldn't expose them to extended amounts of direct sun until they get to a more woody stage. You can transplant them when they get to be seedling size - at least six inches tall I would think. Keep watering them regularly - though not every day unless the potting soil you are using is fast-draining.