Crab grass

Asked April 11, 2015, 3:02 PM EDT

I put Halts on as you say it should be and still the darn stuff comes on every year. Any way to kill it?


Shiawassee County Michigan

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Timing the preemergent preventer (stops seeds from starting) and timing the post-emergent control (kills it) herbicide are the two most important factors. The timing of your question is excellent! Right now you are entering the optimal time to put down preventer. It is still a little too early to put down the control (the one that kills it).

Also note that for the preemergent to work, you want to get the best coverage you can, without overdosing, of course. To do this, divide the amount recommended in half, and apply one-half running "side-to-side" on the lawn. Then apply the other half running at right angles to the first -- that is, "top-to-bottom."

It is also important not to aerate, dethatch, or heavily rake the area after a preemergent application, or it won't work. For applying the postemergent, you must do this when the sprouted crabgrass is very small, with just one or two leaves on it. Postemergent must be applied multiple times, since cool weather continues to allow crabgrass to sprout for many weeks. If you are using a postemergent, read the label on the bag to tell how long you have to wait before you can apply it again.

Always read and follow all labels on any chemical you use.

Here is an article that describes the correct chemical controls and the other things you can do: Crabgrass Control in Home Lawns