Hello. I'm looking for a suggestion for a living privacy fence in our...

Asked April 10, 2015, 9:37 PM EDT

Hello. I'm looking for a suggestion for a living privacy fence in our backyard. We live in the Mac-Groveland area of St Paul. Our house faces North. The backyard is mostly shade as we have 3 100 year old oak trees whose canopies cover most of the yard. The alley behind our house used to be a creek bed, so it always feels damp in the backyard. We currently have Cotoneasters lining our lot, but the rabbits have pretty much killed them off over the last 2 winters by eating at their bark. We would like something more rabbit resistant. Also our lot is not very wide, so ideally the shrubs would be tall and wide, but not deep. I would prefer not to lose any of the width of the lot to the shrubs. We would also like fast growing height wise- 6 plus feet would be a nice regular height. What suggestions do you have for this climate?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am going to give you a couple of links that you can look at and maybe decide what you would like to plant. Since you have a rabbit problem you may not have much luck with anything. A privacy fence of some sort may be an option to consider. You could also go out to the Arboretum and take a look at their hedge plantings. You may need to consider some rabbit control methods. http://www.extension.umn.edu/garden/yard-garden/landscaping/best-plants-for-tough-sites/docs/08464-s... http://www.extension.umn.edu/garden/yard-garden/wildlife/rabbits-and-trees-and-shrubs/ http://www.arboretum.umn.edu/