Apricots Dropping Immature Fruit

Asked April 10, 2015, 1:20 PM EDT

I have four dwarf apricot trees that are about 10 years old. They are otherwise healthy but every year they form small fruit and the fruit drops before it can mature. All the fruit drops off all the trees. They have never been able to produce mature fruit. I asked the local garden center and they said it might be a mineral deficiency but recommended that I ask you. I am not seeing any evidence of insect activity or any blemishes to leaves each year. They are currently just starting to bloom this season. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Calvert County Maryland fruit apricot premature fruit drop

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This problem is most often the result of poor pollination. For example, if you spray the trees with an insecticide during bloom time, this would kill or repel the necessary pollinators. Also, if we have cool, cloudy, rainy weather during bloom time, pollinators are sometimes reluctant to fly.
However, the over-riding consideration is the poor performance of apricot trees in our area. We do not recommend that homeowners try to grow apricots in Maryland simply because they have so many problems and do not produce well.
As long as the trees are healthy, you could try applying about one pound of 10-10-10 around the root zone of each tree now and hope to encourage better fruit development.