Is irrigation a profitable option for Cecil and Kent counties?

Asked April 10, 2015, 11:47 AM EDT

Is irrigation a profitable option for Cecil and Kent counties?

Cecil County Maryland agnr

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Thanks for your question. I will need more information. What type of crop, have you dug any test wells, how many acres, do you have a permit from MDE?
You may also call my office at 4107580166 ask for Jenny or Francis. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello Jennifer, Thanks for your reply. My question was only of theoretical interest to me. I have seen irrigation rigs in Kent & Queen Annes Counties and wondered just how practical they were. My ag experience is only in north central Indiana where irrigation for corn is neither necessary nor practical. So, lets assume average yields of 175 bu/acre, test well okay and the appropriate civil servants satisfied. What sort of yield increases might I expect on my 500 acre farm and what might the cost be. Thanks, Joe Williams

Thanks for your response. The increase in yields can vary greatly depending on the soil types. We can have fields with 10 or more soil types which is much different from the mid-west. Our county 5 year Olympic average yield for corn is 124 bushels per acre. Irrigated yields 275 to 300+ bushels per acre. I hope helps answer your question. Jenny

you bet. thanks