Precentage of NPK to use on New Sodded Lawns

Asked April 9, 2015, 5:14 PM EDT

I just sodded my lawn and would like to know what percentage mixture of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium should I use for the first time I fertilize the lawn and where can I purchase the fertilizer?

Jackson County Oregon

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After your new sod is established, how and when to fertilize depends on your own standards for appearance and whether you leave grass clippings on your lawn. For medium quality turf, fertilize in early spring (April/May), summer (June/July), and fall (Sept/Oct). Apply 1lb total nitrogen per 1000 sq ft for each application. Water soluble nitrogen turns your lawn green faster but doesn't last as long; slow release fertilizers give less initial color, last longer and are less likely to burn. A complete fertilizer with ratios ranging from 24-4-16 (6-1-4) to 24-3-6 (8-1-2) or anything in that range will provide balanced turf fertility. And no need to buy special formulations for each season - the same fertilizer will work fine year round. For more information on fertilizing see the OSU Extension publication EC 1278 Fertilizing Lawns: