cheery tree grafting

Asked April 9, 2015, 1:37 PM EDT

I had a coos transparent scion grafted on to a dwarfing roots stock 3 weeks ago how long till the buds open I am growing this this summer in a 3 gal short pot and plan to transplant it in the late fall into the ground I dug a 2' deep hole 3 ' in diameter and am filling it with alpaca manure and spoiled hay , the ground is very rocky and clay im in jasper along the Willamette river I was thinking of using the rocks to make a retaining wall and fill it with compost like a raised bed to keep the roots dryer during the winter is this a good idea

Lane County Oregon

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The grafted scion needs to attach the scion wood first; then the bud will start to grow. This depends on the weather and the quality of the graft. Make sure the hay is composted before moving the tree to the planting site. If the ground is clay, build up the soil into a burm, to allow for the winter rain to drain.