When to prune ceanothus victoria?

Asked April 9, 2015, 10:03 AM EDT

We have 3 large ceanothus and they need to be pruned or sheared back to keep them from growing over the fence into the neighbors yard. When is the right time to prune or shear these?

Washington County Oregon

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Pruning ceanothus Victoria should be done immediately after flowering. Pruning later could force new growth that can be damaged by cold winter weather.

Since much of the beauty of this large shrub is its natural shape, ignore any temptation to shear it. Instead, follow each offending branch back to its base and snip it there. Prune only what is necessary.

Be forewarned: ceanothus do not respond well to pruning. There are smaller varieties of ceanothus that you may want to consider for replacement. Two Oregon State University Extension links that you may find usefulare attached.



Because ceanothus is a California native, we are lucky they do well here. Oregon's winter rainy season comes when the plant needs it. Ceanothus does not need supplemental water in the summer, and may grow out-of-bounds because of summer irrigation.

Good luck with the pruning. Ceanothus are so beautiful.