What is causing the leaves on my dwarf crape myrtle to wilt?

Asked April 8, 2015, 12:31 AM EDT

I have an 1-year-old potted dwarf crape myrtle on the deck. The leaves started to wilt from ends of the branches. The tree looks like it is slowly dying even though it had nice spring growth just weeks ago and was watered regularly. Tried fungicide but didn't help. Could it be beetles (larvae)?

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1 Response

Make sure you are providing for the plants' needs by reviewing this University of Florida fact sheet on Crape Myrtle in Florida. The most common wilting cause is lack of water. If the plant is in a pot, it may not be getting enough water, especially as the temperatures rise and the pot size is small.

Also contact your local expert at the Escambia County Extension Service: